Thursday, January 21, 2010

Varsity Bear

Who knew that you could buy Pioneer paraphernalia right next to the UM wine buckets at a local drugstore? And I'm told that on the west side of town, you can get Skyline stuff... on the north side, Huron stuff!


  1. This is troubling for us in the district and especially at the high schools. The schools see no revenue from these sales. We are working to issue letters to these stores asking for voluntary percentage returns to the schools on all sales. The logos and names are "owned" by the district so the district can seek this return. If we get it is another issue. While we can't claim to have the same level of impact of the University of Michigan, we are seeking similar royalty agreements.

  2. I was wondering about that--I think it could be a great revenue-maker for the district, and they are cute. (The picture doesn't show it, but the bear on the left has a purple P.) There were also Pioneer Pioneers license plate holders, and (top left corner of the picture) Pioneer gym bags.