Friday, January 15, 2010

Roundup of News, Including Schools of Choice

Lincoln Schools have an opening for a school board member. Applications are due January 20th. Download the application here.

Many school districts are opening up for second semester school of choice transfers. So if you are very unhappy where you are, you might want to consider this as an option. These districts include Lincoln, Manchester,

Whitmore Lake has posted Tier 1 budget reductions.

In Ann Arbor:
Skyline, Community (both high schools), and Ann Arbor Open (grades K-8) have all posted application information and schedules. Yes, it is that time of year again! The district has not yet posted the in-district process if you want to apply to go to a different (non-magnet) school--that should happen in February. The district is also looking at offering some type of limited school-of-choice options, but that is part of a larger budget discussion, and it's not likely to include schools of choice for Huron, Pioneer, Skyline, or Community High Schools.

Are you interested in some other school of choice options, including charters and private schools? I have written about how to find out about them before:
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I have also written about the Ann Arbor Open and Community processes, you can use the search link on the right to search the blog.

If you have specific questions about how to find the school of your dreams, you could post your questions in the comments section.


  1. Did you get distracted while making your list of schools-of-choice districts? (Basing this on the comma after "Manchester," and the shortness of the list.) Others I know of include Ypsi, Milan, Saline (limited), and Willow Run. There may be one or two more.

    Thanks for sharing so much information on your blog!

    - YpsiAnon

  2. Yes, I obviously need a copy editor!
    I didn't check all of them, but they didn't all have information about second semester school of choice applications. So thanks for pointing that out. Lincoln and Manchester posted it on their front web page. And you are welcome.