Monday, November 16, 2015

Note to Readers

Well, I've been gone from the blog a bit.
About a month ago one of our computers died, giving me less access to the computer. Add to that a lot of (paid) work, an art class (!), some genealogy life intervening...and the days turned to weeks.
And, I kind of liked it.
Which means--I'll probably continue to do less blogging, even though we do have a new computer.
But--I am really happy to have guest bloggers--I still have a long list of ideas for projects if you are looking for topics to write on--contact me if you are interested.

[Remember, I did say that I would probably stop blogging about schools when my son graduates--and he is a junior now.]

Also--if you are in the Ann Arbor schools district, I encourage you to follow Monet Tiedemann's web site. Monet has been live blogging the Ann Arbor school board meetings at [Unlike me, Monet is looking for donations to keep her work going. It is a time consuming job.]

[And, Lindsay Knake from the Ann Arbor News has also started live blogging the meetings--as part of her Ann Arbor News reporting.]

And by the way, wherever you live, I really encourage you to sometimes go to your school board meetings!

There are also some facebook groups you might be interested in. None of them are affiliated directly with a school district, but are groups of parents, teachers, and other citizens.

Ann Arbor Schools Musings (really meant to get discussions going, though when I post I do usually also post the links there)
Friends of Dexter Community Schools
Michigan Parents for Schools
Save Michigan's Public Schools
Ypsilanti Community Schools Supporters

If there are other groups that should be added to this list, let me know and I will update.

And remember what this is all about:

Read about where this picture comes from, here.

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