Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quiz Time

What do you know about Hispaniola, the island where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are? (Haiti is on the left side of the red line, the Dominican Republic is on the right side.)

If you are like me, it takes a major tragedy to realize that I don't know very much about Haiti's history.
Do you remember what the Monroe Doctrine is? Has it had an impact in Haiti?
How did Haiti get its freedom?
Who did Haiti get freedom from, and why?
Who was Baby Doc Duvalier and what terrible things did he do?
What language is spoken in Haiti, and what language is spoken in the Dominican Republic?
Has the U.S. ever occupied Haiti? When and why?
What was the name of the indigenous people of Hispaniola, and what happened to them?
What environmental issues have had a major impact on Haiti's resource base and ability to respond to hurricanes?
Who were the first documented Europeans to visit Hispaniola?
Today's Haitians are primarily descended from what population?

How did you do? I had to look a lot of these up.

UPDATED: No sooner had I posted this than I went to the New York Times and found these links to resources for teaching about Haiti.  You will find them here and here.

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