Thursday, February 5, 2009

News and Notes: Superintendent, Special Education

The Ann Arbor News reports that the school board has given Todd Roberts an "outstanding" evaluation as Ann Arbor schools superintendent. What do you think? How is he doing? I've heard that he actually returns parents' emails! (I myself have never emailed him.)
Which reminds me--the deadline for filing to run for school board is February 10th. Think about running, why don't you?

The Ann Arbor News also reports that the WISD (Washtenaw Intermediate School District) has fired the special education aide who has been accused of harming special ed. students. By the way, the aide, and those students, were situated in an AAPS building at the time of the allegations. Allegations of child abuse need to be taken seriously, and kids who have difficulty communicating are extremely vulnerable. So, here's the thing: it appears that the proper reporting and investigation did not occur when it should have. I sense the potential for lawsuits. Policies, on the books, are no good if they are not followed. In any case, even if you are not mandated by law to report allegations to protective services, that does not get you off the hook! You might not be legally obligated, but morally? You certainly are!


  1. Todd Roberts does take care of business, but we were still unhappy with AAPS, and our child has not returned. Just because the big guys know something isn't working, doesn't mean they can fix it.

  2. Update on the WISD situation is They are sponsoring a full training on Child Protection Law for all their staff. It's apparently beyond time for that!