Monday, May 17, 2010

Transportation Redux

Would you like to know more about the proposed school transportation solution? (Consolidation.) So would I!

I am posting the link to the WISD transportation pages. There are three pdfs at the bottom of the page.
I thought the most interesting one was the school board presentation pdf.
I didn't realize, when I wrote the post, Heads You Win, that if the consolidation is approved, bus drivers will have to apply for their posts (no guarantees), and there will be cuts both in numbers of employees and in wages (for most districts). And--no guarantee about unionization, either.

Key point--the bulk of the savings do not come from better routing and savings on bulk purchasing of parts and gas. There are some savings there, but the bulk come from...staffing.

Expected savings:
Operations 6-7%
Wages and Benefits 8-13%
Overhead Reductions 3-5%

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