Monday, May 24, 2010

Fostering and Adopting

This month--May--is National Foster Care Month. And I think that's why the Michigan League For Human Services has been tweeting away, referring people to the AdoptUsKids website. And that is how I found myself at the MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange) website.

And that is where I got seriously depressed. And fascinated. And more depressed.

On the MARE website, children's photos are posted, along with descriptions. I have tried to paste in a description. Twice. And Failed.

So I will just ask you to compare these two descriptions:

The photo listings must work. But it makes me feel ill that we compare kids and pets, and in saying that, I mean no disrespect to the pets. 
I've linked to the foster parenting adventures blog, and
I'm interested in your experiences as a foster parent (or adoptive parent through the foster system).

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