Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week: Elections & Bonds

May 4th--Tuesday--school board elections in Dexter, Chelsea, Lincoln. The Dexter election is contested--with a write-in campaign.
There's also a vote on an infrastructure and technology bond in the Lincoln Schools. You might be wondering why to vote for a bond, when the Lincoln school district has just closed a school. Well, the short answer is that this is one of the few areas where school districts can levy monies. In fact, in the past few years nearly every district around has passed one of these.
When the boiler breaks...when the roof needs to be repaired...when the computers are too old to function you really want those expenses to come out of the per-pupil funding which has been cut, and will probably be cut again, from the state? That's why school boards propose these, and that's why I will generally support them. If I lived in the Lincoln School District, I would vote for this one.

The Ann Arbor election was moved to the fall, and given how many people have applied to fill the empty school board positions (we're on #3 now), I hope we will have a lot of candidates for school board in the fall.

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