Friday, July 24, 2009

Principal Shuffle is live.

Welcome back to the education beat, David Jesse.

If you are interested in new principal assignments in Ann Arbor, you can find them here.

There are changes at
Elementary: Angell, Pattengill, Logan, Slauson
Middle: Tappan, Forsythe
High School: Skyline, Huron, Community, Clemente

Three of the new principals are from outside the district: Detroit, Dearborn, and Battle Creek--I'm especially curious as to how those new principals will adapt.

And generally, I don't have time to be a "breaking news" site, so if you have breaking news you could send it to:
David Jesse, K-12 education (734) 623-2534
Nor is that the only game in town. In the Ypsilanti area, I've been impressed by the detailed education coverage at but I couldn't find the right contact information for Dan DuChene. Try this: and let me know if you have a better contact.


  1. I'm glad to still be covering the education beat here in Ann Arbor. Tons of stuff going on to write about.

    In the next few days, you'll see several more stories about local education issues.

    If you have ideas of what I should be writing about and looking into, give me a holler.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi,
    My e-mail address is You should be able to reach any of the writers from that address.

    Have you had trouble with the address?

  3. Hi Dan, I have not had trouble with the address, it just wasn't totally clear on the web site. (I haven't tried it.:)

    Readers, reach Dan or other Ypsi Citi paper writers at: