Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Good Superintendent Is Hard to Find

Over the past several years, many local school boards have terminated, failed to renew, or are still struggling with issues around superintendent contracts--including Ann Arbor, Willow Run, Saline, and (most recently) Howell. In some cases, superintendents choose to leave; in others, they are kicked out.

The Ypsilanti schools have been fortunate to have had an interim superintendent who was a former superintendent, and came out of retirement. Despite budget cuts, for the past few years the experience and skills of Superintendent James Hawkins have allowed Ypsilanti to work through budget cuts and school closings with a minimum of rancor and a focus on the kids.

It's no wonder that the Ypsilanti school board wants to replace him (now that he is retiring again) with someone who can jump in with experience. In their first posting of the position, they were not satisfied. Now they are into round two, and have narrowed down the field of candidates. Read about the candidates and process here. I wish the school board luck!

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