Friday, July 17, 2009

Marika Bedolla-West

Another AAPS high school student has died.

Here is the obituary and guestbook for Marika Bedolla-Jones. [NOTE Added 7/18/09: The obituary lists Marika's name as Marika Bedolla-West, which is different from the note the schools sent out. I didn't know Marika and I'm sorry if I posted her name wrong.]

Marika was a Skyline student (the third one to die this year--all from different causes but I think that is pretty unusual for a school of 9th graders with 400-450 students.) Technically, Michael Jefferson was a Pioneer student, but he started out at Skyline. Jesse Walker was a Skyline student.

Counselors were at Skyline today--it is good to know that the AAPS has a good post-crisis program. Read about it here.

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