Saturday, March 7, 2009

Teacher Web Sites and Blogs: Windows to the School

I thought I would show you a few class websites and blogs. It wasn't exactly a "random sample." There are a lot of class sites that don't seem to be regularly updated (these appear to be), and this took quite a while to do. It's a lot of work to maintain a web site, and there are a lot of sporadic efforts (those are not featured here). Another time, I will have more comments about the different schools' web sites. Let's just say--the school web sites are highly variable in both information and tone.

Some schools have more than one teacher blogging or web-siting (and some schools have none), but I only chose one per school. You should feel free to look at individual school web sites to find some others. Yes, these are alphabetical by teacher's first name--no favoritism here!

Debra Wenzel's web site (Career and Technical Education, Slauson)

Gary Bartosik's web site (Special Education Math, Huron)

Jeffrey Bradley's Science Guy In A Tie blog (Science, Skyline)

Ko Shih's/Rick Hall's website
(5th/6th grade, Ann Arbor Open)

Peggy Leonard's web site (Art, Lakewood)

Rick DeKeon's web site (Physical Education, Northside)

Sarah Bradley's blog (Kindergarten, Abbot)

Susan Haines' web site (5th grade, Haisley)

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  1. And I didn't notice until after I had written this, but Toni Kinsey, a sixth-grade Global Studies Teacher at South Meadows Intermediate School, has won a classroom web site contest (thanks Here is the link: Her Web site is at