Saturday, March 14, 2009

Skyline, Community: What Does It Mean?

As noted in the comments, the Skyline enrollment lottery list is posted. So: over 215 students applied to Skyline, over 365 students applied to Community. Does this mean, then, that Community is much more popular than Skyline? At this point, without knowing where kids are applying from, it's a little hard to say. After all, 1/3 of the district students are automatically districted to Skyline. So they don't need to apply to the lottery. If they did, maybe the ratio would be more like 330:365, with a slight edge to Community.

What appears to be true is that a lot of kids--though not all--are applying to both schools. (And their chances are better of getting into Skyline.) And some of them are also applying to Greenhills, Gabriel Richard, etc. Is this to avoid Huron or Pioneer? Or because Community and Skyline are a draw? I'm sure there is some of both.

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