Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions for School Board Candidates?

I would like to ask the school board candidates some questions and post their answers on this blog--not the same ones that you would find in the newspaper!

Here are a few I have thought up. Please add to this list. (I am happy to expand this to other districts with competitive elections, just imagine these same questions with School District X in there.)

1. To parents who are wavering between sending their child to the Ann Arbor Public Schools and a charter or private school, what would you say to convince them to try the Ann Arbor Public Schools (besides cost)?

2. What specific ideas do you have for engaging parents and taxpayers in AAPS decision-making and governance beyond the child/school level?

3. What ideas do you have for making the AAPS web site more user friendly for parents, staff, students, and taxpayers?

4. Describe your personal approach to school union negotiations. What are your primary goal(s)?

5. What was your most influential high school experience (good or bad)? How does it influence your approach to the school board?

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  1. These are very good, btw. The discussion on the ArborParents email list indicate many people with very young children see much wrong with our traditional schools... we need to figure out why and what we can do to get that population back!