AACTTS: Ann Arbor Community for Trust and Transparency in Schools

Ann Arbor Community for Trust and Transparency in Schools is a new community group focused on how we as citizens and constituents can have a voice in shaping local and state educational policies and decision-making processes. We are coming together to understand and address issues that challenge the values that our community holds as partners in educating our kids.

Draft Policy 5060 was voted on by the board at first briefing without any prior notice of the policy. It proposes to punish students who opt out of testing.

June 3, 2015 Update: Point of clarification--board policies do not jump unformed to first briefing. This policy, for instance, was discussed at the May 20 Governance Committee, which was a public meeting held at Skyline at 3:30 p.m. FYI, the Governance Committee is where all potential board policies are discussed. [I don't know that the public was there, but the public IS welcome.]

Here is Draft Policy 5060. Key language: 
"Failure to participate in all state assessments may result in exclusion and/or removal from any application-based school or program."

Here is the Revised Draft Policy 5060--it removes the focus on children at schools of choice, but does not specify what could happen in general--and it still says that the tests are mandatory.

Here are sample letters if you would like to oppose this policy: 

Sample letters that parents have sent regarding Draft Policy 5060 are available here:

Feel free to download the "Call to Action" below, and share it.

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