Sunday, August 20, 2017

The End is Near, Maybe

I've been dreaming about this for months. As my youngest child was getting ready to graduate from high school, all spring I would think about winding down this blog. Which--to be fair--I've been doing over the last year. It turns out that there are other things I want to spend my time on in my life.
And, as my children have moved out of the public schools, and moved on to other things, my attention has wandered. Also, I don't get as much "back door" information about the schools.

I said several years ago, that when my last child graduated high school I would end this blog. Now, I'm not saying that I will completely and totally end the blog. That seems too final. You may see me pop up now and again, for elections, major controversies, etcetera.

In case you're wondering, I've mostly been happy with the education my kids got in the Ann Arbor schoosl, I still believe that all of Michigan's schools deserve more money, and I still believe that public schools--for the people, by the people, of the people--are the way to go. And I still believe that testing is a waste of time and energy.

So for now, I'm winding down.

Except--I want to end on a high note, before school starts again, so there are 2 (or maybe 3) posts to go.

One more thing: I will be keeping the Ann Arbor Schools Musings facebook group open. If you are interested, ask to join it.

And if you see me on the street, introduce yourself!

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