Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Superintendent Background Research: Sandra Harris

Time presses. The school board is on a very fast timeline to make a decision about semi-finalists, and I don't have half the information I would like to have! I will add more as I find out more (at least for the finalists), but for now I'm just going to share a disorganized group of information, take from it what you can. For the finalists we will try to find out more information.

Sandra Harris worked her way up through the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and then moved on to Lincoln Schools, then Oak Park Schools. She even went to the Ann Arbor Public Schools! So, she is well-acquainted with Michigan school politics and with Washtenaw County in particular. All of her degrees have come from Eastern Michigan University--a degree in Business Education, an MA in Guidance and Counseling, an Ed. Spec. in Educational Leadership and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership. 

Dissertation: A Strategy for Leadership in the School Workplace for Managing Staff Diversity. I wasn't able to access it. 

She is an executive coach for the Michigan Association of School Administrators, and she has lots of experience making budget cuts in Lincoln and Oak Park schools. 

She has some very nice letters of recommendation. Should we be concerned that she just re-used the ones she had from a 2009 application to be superintendent of the Ypsilanti schools? Some of them are from people I respect...

Dr. Harris was considered for Ypsilanti Superintendent in 2009, at the same time as Ben Edmondson:

She describes her approach as collaborative and participatory: Harris described her leadership style as one of collaboration. She told the board that in the past, she’s worked to get a ‘buy-in’ from those she worked with. ‘My leadership style is participative,’ Harris said. ‘I seek input from all stakeholders.’”

Sandra worked as a teacher and principal in Ann Arbor and superintendent in Lincoln so I'm hoping some of you will have comments about her!

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