Sunday, February 24, 2013

The State Budget from Saline's Perspective

Saline's superintendent, Scot Graden, does an excellent job of keeping his blog updated. In it, he recently described how even though supposedly Governor Snyder's budget increases state funding, for Saline, it will end up being a decrease of approximately half a percent in funding--which at first sounds like almost nothing, but when you run a school district turns out to be quite a lot of money.

Scot is diplomatic, calling it a "good news, bad news" budget, but I'd say it's only "good news" in the sense that things could always be worse.

This is a highly readable blog post, even if you are afraid of budget numbers, and its implications are true for nearly every district in the state.

Read more here.

I guess the only good news piece is that this is still a proposed budget.

As usual, look for budget updates from Michigan Parents for Schools.

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