Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is the New Ypsi/Willow Run School Board About to Make A Boneheaded Superintendent Decision?

What, exactly, would be the advantage of hiring both superintendents, who ran the two "failed" districts?

I don't blame either Laura Lisiscki or Dedrick Martin for the failures of their districts, but they weren't able to turn them around either. Laura seems well-liked in the district but she also kept presenting budgets which assumed that more people would come back to the Willow Run schools, and the deficit in Ypsilanti has ballooned under Dedrick Martin.

What would make the new school board think they are capable of doing the work that would be required for consolidation? [In my opinion, it's possible that either of them could be a good assistant superintendent in the new district.]

And what--for crying out loud--would make anyone think that a co-superintendent setup would make sense in this setting? [See this article for background information. Read the comments, too.]

I don't know anything about Sharon Irvine. Maybe she would be good. It's heartening to me that the teachers' union likes her even though she got them to make big concessions. [They did not, as you might recall, take a stand on the consolidation.]

But. . . probably the school board should be taking a look around at a larger pool of candidates.

Definitely the school board should choose one person to be superintendent.

There is a special meeting to choose the superintendent(s) on Monday 2/25/2013. 7:30 p.m.. Willow Run Community Schools, 235 Spencer Lane.

Ypsilanti Community Schools Supporters facebook page is here.
An article (with links to another article) is here.

Mark Maynard's "What the hell is going on" commentary on the Ypsilanti Community Schools is here. He has included some excellent background information and lots of links.

[Updated: A friend pointed out to me that I should make note of the fact that the two Superintendents are the only ones whose contracts go past the end of June 2013, and that the fact that they will have to pay them anyway is likely part of the board members' calculations. Which is probably true. Even so, that might not be the best decision for the new district, and I believe they could press them into other roles in the new district.]

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