Monday, February 6, 2012

What Can We Expect for School Aid Funding Next Year?

As usual, Steve Norton of Michigan Parents for Schools has a very cogent analysis of the upcoming budget possibilities. (His summary, as noted in the title: Will schools get more money? Don't hold your breath.)

I like it so much I'm just cutting and pasting the first paragraph, and then linking to the original.

The latest projections show that revenue to the state School Aid Fund, which supports K-12 education in Michigan, will increase 2.7% next year, compared to a 4.3% drop this year. But will local public schools get a funding increase? There will be a lot of politics at work between now and the start of school next fall, and little can be taken for granted. While Governor Snyder is likely to use any school aid surplus to make one-time “pay for performance” payments, there is significantly less money available to do that this year.
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