Wednesday, February 29, 2012

News Hits

Milan schools are thinking about whether they should drop the Big Reds name and the Native American logos associated with it. I guess another alternative would be to keep the name (which arose from their red uniforms!) and change the logos (which arose from the name Big Reds).

I just found out that the Washtenaw County parks have more than one accessible playground. At Independence Lake park there is an accessible playground and fishing pier. Rolling Hills has a new accessible playground. Rolling Hills also has a new braille description of a walk in Sassafras Woods, available for a loan.

Ann Arbor school's technology millage campaign is kicking off this week. Read more about it in this article. Or if you prefer, look at the Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Campaign website.

The Michigan Islamic Academy is suing Pittsfield Township over its denial of the Academy's rezoning request for property on which they had planned to build a school, based on religious discrimination. The Council on American Islamic Relations has joined the lawsuit, and the U.S. Department of Justice has opened a formal investigation as well.

Last, but not least! The groups collecting signatures to put the emergency financial manager law on the ballot have collected enough signatures to bring them to Lansing to be validated. They have collected over 218,000 signatures and need the state to certify 161,000 of them as legitimate in order to get the voter referendum on the November ballot.

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  1. Keeping the name and changing the logo is an ineffective compromise. Ypsilanti tried that briefly, before making the break completely. Other schools have tried that as well, but one look at the stands of a sporting event will show that war paint and Native American headdress still appear.

    I hope the Milan school board has the stamina to see this through; opponents of change sure do! The mascots of EMU and Ypsilanti High School were retired years ago (1991 and 2006, respectively), and the anger and resentment are still very much present.

    As for me, I love being a Phoenix!

    - YpsiAnon