Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For Tyne Mosbey and Jake Rachford, recent Community High School graduates who lost their lives in a house fire this past week. May their memories be a blessing.

I will post links to their obituaries if/when they become available.

2/2/2011: Here is Jake Rachford's obituary and funeral information.
2/3/2011 and 2/4/2011: Here is Tyne Mosbey's obituary and  funeral and visitation information


  1. There's a blaze of light
    In every word
    It doesn't matter which you heard
    The holy or the broken Hallelujah

    Leonard Cohen

    To all you family and friends of these two bright lights that left the world too soon.

  2. Just two weeks after the deaths of Tyne and Jake, the City of Ann Arbor announces there will be intermittent closures of the fire station that was closest to where they lived. THEN they announce there will likely be more firefighter layoffs. And THEN the fire chief resigns. I hope he speaks out and says that gutting the fire department is not safe. And if you want to do something in Tyne and Jake's memory, how about sending that same exact message to the City Council and Mayor. You can use these email addresses:;;;;;;;;;;