Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Community High's lottery results have been posted. It's a game of chance.

Reports are that tomorrow morning (2/16) at 11 a.m., when Gov. Snyder unveils his budget, he'll be unveiling 4% cuts in public school per-pupil funding. Is that a game of chance? I don't think so, but there sure will be losers. It's bad news for struggling schools and let's face it, all schools will be struggling. When your school's classes have 38 students in a class, and the rooms are too crowded to fit all the desks, you will know why.

Which brings me to the P-16 question. You know, should we be funding preschool through college? Because I've also heard that part of the proposal is taking money for community colleges from the School Aid Fun. And my answer is: yes, we should fund P-16, but not at the expense of the mandated K-12 education.

After school break, I'm hoping to get to the subject I know you've been waiting for: evaluating our local charter schools. So let me say this--I don't have any direct experience with any of the charters--although I do have indirect experiences with some of them (in other words, some of my friends have used them). If you want to send me a summary of some of your direct experiences with local (county) charter schools, to share, let me know.


  1. I'm not really sure what you're looking for, but my kids go to a charter school, and I'd be happy to answer some questions. I'm a little concerned that the tone already sounds a little loaded though!

  2. Michelle W, Hopefully not loaded! (At least not by me.) I'm looking for YOUR words about your, and your child's/children's experiences at whatever charter(s) they have attended. [And what I really think is that some of the charter schools do a good job and some of them don't.] I'm not sure how to reach you, but I can be reached at rlk234 (a) Thanks!

  3. I don't think doing a "good" job is so black and white. I have had kids in charter, private, and AAPS schools. There has been good and bad in all of them, that is for sure. Students do not come in one size fits all and what is a "good" school for one may not work for another.