Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jones School Documentary: Request for Help

I recently got this email, and I am excerpting it because (besides saying nice things about my blog), Charlotte Young Bowens is doing a documentary about Jones School! (Jones School was the school that is now Community High School, back when it was an elementary school. You might remember that I wrote about it earlier this year in the post A Little History.) She needs your help. If you went to Jones School, worked at Jones School, or were part of the discussions around closing Jones School, please contact Charlotte Young Bowens.
My name is Charlotte and I came across your incredible blog when I was doing some research on Jones School.  I also enjoyed your well articulated feedback about the achievement gap issues that continue to plague the Ann Arbor Public Schools featured on the Chronicle website.

I'm an Ann Arborite, born in 1967 and went through the AAPS. I was looking at some old photos, one of which featured my brother and I standing in the parking lot (perhaps just cemented) area  just outside of Jones  School. I've always loved this photo, so much so I thought as a kid I must have gone to Jones School but upon doing some research I discovered that the school had closed two years before I was born but what really struck me was this idea of Ann Arbor public schools needing to be desegregated. As a child growing up in this town, I thought, albeit naive, that Ann Arbor didn't have issues of segregation. Continued research about Jones School inspired me to start working on a short documentary about the school because I think it's an interesting story in itself, at least as a starting point for now. The more I learn the more I'm challenged to think about other themes for a documentary but I'm trying to stay focus on Jones School, it's history and then it's ultimate closure in 1965.

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