Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ethics Question of the Week

Are you cheating, if you let someone else copy off of your paper? Or are only they cheating?


  1. You are both cheating.

    - YpsiAnon

  2. I asked this because I have this memory (which I was discussing with my kids) of being in a 10th grade English class. I had read the material and knew the answers. My friend copied off of me (with my permission) and she didn't do a good job of changing up the sentences. The teacher called us both up--told us she knew one had cheated off of the other, but didn't know which--and gave us both Bs. (Since I thought I had written a B test to begin with, that didn't strike me as much of a punishment! I guess I had done A work.)
    But the question of being the active person (the one who copies) or the passive person (the one who lets her work be copied) stays with me.

  3. Both my high school kids talk about kids copying during tests. It seems fairly common. My question is, what are the teachers doing while this is going on?