Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WOW! Hold Harmless Districts Slashed

Hardball Politics, from the Detroit Free Press: Governor Granholm vetoes school aid related to hold harmless districts. Yes, that includes Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor stands to lose 3.7 million more dollars.


  1. Nothing more to say about this? There are lots of stories on the Freep website. Things not looking good.

    I figured Granholm was trying to call their bluff, but both sides seem stuck.

  2. Juliana, I agree with you. Both sides seem stuck. NOBODY seems to have their eye on the kids. You would think that (since there are actually more Democrats in the legislature) that some Democratic initiatives could pass. I completely fail to understand why the Democrats are not taking any initiative. I completely fail to understand why Jennifer Granholm didn't insert her positions forcibly early on (in June and July!) I hated what John Engler did to this state, but he was able to do it because he was able to knock some heads together. (I do not mean that in a literal sense.) Jennifer Granholm doesn't even seem to be able to put forward a vision that people can buy into, let alone make people buy into it! Where is the leadership? I personally feel slightly paralyzed with having NO CONTROL over stupid decisions being made at the state level. The cuts will be more and deeper, SOON, and next year will be worse without any stimulus money. And since nobody is showing any real leadership up in Lansing, I'd like to give a primal scream. That, unfortunately, doesn't help our kids. I need to do some research to figure out how other states deal with these same issues. Contrary to popular belief: not every state has these problems. Bottom line: schools need to be funded through good economic times and bad economic times, and by "schools" I mean educational program from birth through college.

  3. Maybe Granholm knows what she is doing, I hope so at least.

    I moved here from California to get away from these school funding issues, but alas, here we are.

    Thanks for your input,