Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Thinking Teacher

One column I have really been enjoying at is the column that Jeff Kass is writing. I find myself almost always having a reaction--I can't write about all of them, although maybe occasionally I will. In any case, you can find the updated list here.

The best teachers continue to process and reflect on their work, with the goal of improving it. That's one thing that burned-out teachers don't do. In fact, one way to get un-burned-out is to place increased and renewed emphasis on reflection. (Don't think that this is only true of teachers. The best engineers, writers, managers, electricians and gardeners all reflect on their work, with a goal of making their end results better.)

If you like Jeff Kass's writing, and you want to know more about the "inner lives" of reflective teachers, then you will also like the writing over at Teacher, Revised (linked on the right, as well).

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