Thursday, August 13, 2015

Comments, Please: Ann Arbor Schools New Website Debuts

It's starting--those back to school emails...those slightly shorter evenings...

Earlier this summer, the Ann Arbor schools took a big leap, and switched over to a new website. It looks different. It feels different. It's now a very manageable link:

In fact--the second part of staff emails used to be, and now it's the simple:

So, that's the good news.

School websites now have a more consistent look. And they seem to be named as: then a number OR by name (but you might have to guess at the school name--for instance, it's /aaopen and not /a2open for Ann Arbor Open).

You may have had the experience of clicking on an old link (perhaps you had bookmarked, or found via google) and that may have taken you to the main page for the Ann Arbor schools, or you may have gotten this:

To which I say: patience, grasshopper! At least this is a friendly message, and gives you a link for help.

You might be thinking that you really like some things about this web site... and/or that you are confused by other things... and/or that something from the old web site is missing that you think belongs on the web site.

You might have opinions, and knowledge, about the general web site or a specific school web site. Please, take this as your opportunity to provide comments to the school district.

Either...fill out the form below (as many times as you want, for different schools/pages) OR email John Stahly, the webmaster, directly. Email: stahlyj

Your comments can be general (for instance, "I really like the fact that the staff directory search seems to work better now") or specific ("I like that there is a new FOIA page but I can't tell if the FOIA procedures are still in draft form--which is what it states--or is now finalized"). There is an option to point out broken links.

This is a big web site! There is lots and lots of information on it. Try to be helpful, even if you have a specific critique. I will share all of these with the staff, but if you want a reply to a specific concern, it is probably best to email your concern.

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