Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Support Ann Arbor Teachers Issues Call to Action

I was asked to post this Call to Action from the Support Ann Arbor Teachers group, released this morning, 6/23/2015. Here it is--read on:

(And I am doing this on my phone so I hope I did it right! The formatting might be weird...)


The Ann Arbor Public Schools are in a crisis. The board has instituted a series of destructive policies that have alienated parents and teachers. These policies run counter to the values of the Ann Arbor community:
  • ●  outsourcing and privatizing multiple departments (and eliminating many union jobs in the process)

  • ●  embracing anti-union legislation by removing bargaining provisions from the teachers contract including evaluation, hiring, firing, layoff, recall, and seniority = “the backbone of the contract”

  • ●  implementing budget cuts and pay freezes

  • ●  increasing standardized testing with no provisions for opting out

  • ●  acting in a patronizing, non-collaborative manner with educators, parents and community



    The Ann Arbor community is demanding that the AAPS Board of Education and Superintendent take the following steps immediately.

  1. 1)  Revise the agendas for Regular Meetings of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education so that the agendas place all discussion and voting on issues of high public interest between 6 and 9:30 pm.

  2. 2)  Honor the collective bargaining agreement with the AAEA that is already in place.

  3. 3)  Delay implementation of all testing measures and policies until January, 2016 so that

    administration, parents, and teachers can collaborate on a response to mandates.

  4. 4)  Commit to six public forums in the 2015-16 school year where administration, teachers, and trustees can openly discuss these issues.

Support Ann Arbor Teachers = teachers parents, students, and interested community members trying to help resolve this crisis,

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  1. Thank you, Ruth. Now if only the Board would listen to the AAPS community.