Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Is Washtenaw Community College So Inexpensive? We Pay For It!

I was getting my hair cut the other day, and the hair dresser's assistant, who is currently at Washtenaw Community College, mentioned that she was planning on going to cosmetology school.

The hairdresser then said, "It's not cheap, either! It costs a lot more than WCC!"

And I said...

"That's because we pay for WCC. In our taxes."

"We do?" she said. 

I'm pretty sure she is not the only one who doesn't know that we pay a millage for WCC. 

We pay 3.46 mills for WCC, and that is higher than the Ann Arbor Public Schools operating millage (2.18), higher than the Ann Arbor District Library millage (1.55), and just about one mill lower than the millage for Washtenaw County's general operating budget! (4.55).

So next time you are thinking about how "inexpensive" WCC is, remember--that's because we are subsidizing it. 

And that is today's public service announcement.

WCC--yet another of our public schools.

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