Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Congratulations New Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti School Board Members

Photo by Ruth Kraut

Current Ann Arbor school board members Baskett and Stead have won re-election. Joining them will be long-time school volunteer Donna Lasinski and former Ann Arbor teacher and principal Pat Manley.

Photo by Ruth Kraut
Unofficial results from the Washtenaw County elections web site.

Ann Arbor Sch Brd MemberView Precinct Detail
  Susan Baskett1378033361711615.01%
  Jeffery Harrold7628201796458.46%
  Donna Lasinski1311326751578813.85%
  Patricia Ashford Man1092129271384812.14%
  Jack Panitch6170161477846.83%
  Deirdre Piper5258109263505.57%
  Christine Stead1217627621493813.10%
  Hunter Van Valkenbur936524781184310.39%
  Don Wilkerson6485142479096.94%
  Roland Zullo6643153781807.17%

Photo by Ruth Kraut

One of the very interesting results to me here is that Deirdre Piper--who decided not to continue her campaign after she suddenly lost her mom in September--drew nearly 5.6% of the vote--only a little bit less than Jack Panitch and Don Wilkerson, both of whom I saw on the campaign trail.

Photo by Ruth Kraut
I am so thankful that we had so many good candidates to choose from. Considering that school board pays almost nothing, sucks up a lot of time, and you often get criticism, if you see a candidate who ran and won, congratulate them. If you see a candidate who ran and lost--thank them for being willing to put themselves forward!

First Election for Ypsilanti Community Schools Board Has Interesting Results

Remember, the YCS is the result of the merger of the Ypsilanti and Willow Run schools, and the first Ypsilanti Community Schools Board was appointed, not elected. It is great that so many people wanted to run for school board. Only a couple of the incumbents got re-elected.

Again, unofficial results from the county elections web site.

For the six-year terms:

Ypsilanti Comm Sch Bd 6yrView Precinct Detail
  Bill Kurkjian1923724264714.54%
  Brenda Meadows44231492591532.49%
  Gregory Myers26421050369220.28%
  Maria Sheler-Edwards43011468576931.69%
Maria Sheler-Edwards is an incumbent; Brenda Meadows is not.

For the four-year terms:

Ypsilanti Comm Sch Bd 4yrView Precinct Detail
  David R. Bates24171106352312.98%
  Ellen Champagne2816927374313.79%
  Djeneba Cherif2238604284210.47%
  Celeste Hawkins32721130440216.22%
  Sharon Irvine32351188442316.30%
  Linda Snedacar-Horne182067124919.18%
  Anthony VanDerworp148867321617.96%
  Mark Wilde2456889334512.32%
Celeste Hawkins is an incumbent--the other two are not. Sharon Irvine is a former Ypsilanti Public Schools administrator (and candidate for superintendent). David Bates, the Board President, and former Ypsilanti Public Schools board president, will not retain his seat. I'll admit to some surprise that newcomer Djeneba Cherif, a former YPS student who said she was inspired by her Ypsilanti teachers to go into education, did not win a seat. Everyone whom I asked in Ypsilanti was planning on voting for her--which maybe just goes to show you what a myopic view we each have as individuals.

Ypsilanti Comm Sch Bd 2yrView Precinct Detail
  Don L. Garrett Jr.2209920312916.99%
  Ricky Jefferson1840639247913.46%
  Sharon Lee3141953409422.23%
  K.J. Miller1524520204411.10%
  Daniel L. Raglin1507748225512.24%
  Meredith Schindler31871073426023.13%
Meredith Schindler and Sharon Lee got elected. Neither are incumbents. Where this gets interesting is that Sharon Lee had withdrawn from the race due to health issues after the ballots were printed. Which means she won with zero campaigning. So I guess that now she has to decide if she really is withdrawing. If she does, she resigns and the board then follows the procedure for choosing a school board candidate after a resignation. So it won't automatically go to the third-place two-year candidate. 

Whitmore Lake Annexation lost in Ann Arbor, won in Whitmore Lake, which means that it lost overall

Am I disappointed? Yes. But I'm not surprised. The ballot language was terrible and there were lots of unanswered questions.


[And that's enough blogging for a month of Sundays! Expect things to be quite a bit quieter around here now!]

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