Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Year's Candidate, Brian Osborne, Takes Superintendent Job in New Rochelle, NY

Last year's superintendent candidate Brian Osborne has taken (is officially going to be offered tonight, I believe) the Superintendent's position in New Rochelle, NY.

New Rochelle is in Westchester County (my home county); has a school population that is about 45% Latino; and over 60 languages are represented in the schools.

Brian Osborne, as you may recall, was offered the superintendent of Ann Arbor position, and turned it down.

Jeanice Swift then accepted it. Which reminds me--we are coming up on her one-year anniversary now. What do you think so far? [I'm pretty happy.]


If you are interested in Brian Osborne and New Rochelle, here are some links:

From New Rochelle Talk: New Rochelle Expected to Name Brian Osborne as New Schools Superintendent (They quote my earlier post extensively.)

Maplewood Online Forum: Superintendent Brian Osborne's Resignation Letter

Maplewood Online Forum: Superintendent Leaving

And by the way--the cost of living is a lot higher in the New York suburbs, looks like their last superintendent got about $279,000 in salary. That is much higher than he would have gotten here, and given the salary cap on superintendents in New Jersey, that is also much higher than he would have gotten in South Orange-Maplewood.

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  1. Oh, and I am very happy he turned us down, because I can't imagine anyone doing this impossibly hard job better than swift.

  2. I have been very impressed w/Dr. Swift, particularly after the Patricia Green Show. One big warning light for me w/Brian Osborne was the self-sales. I know projecting confidence is a big part of the interview process, but there was an echo of Patricia Green's inability/unwillingness to listen in his presentation of himself. Dr. Swift seemed to get right away what our community had lacked under Patricia Green: someone who could listen and respond. I'm sure there will be decisions that she makes that I don't agree with, but at least I have confidence that she has heard alternative points of view.

    1. I agree Dr.Swift appears to be engaged as an active listener with the parent community; however, where is her judgment with the Plante Moran Auditor Assessment to eliminate the Director Of Information Technoly, and the Network Manager right in the middle of a very expensive Bond
      I hope Dr. Swift will look elsewhere to manage the AAPS budget.

    2. Anon, that is a very astute comment. It's very important to look at the details of the budget proposals. I agree that eliminating the Director of Information Technology and Network Managers may not be the best choice. And then there's the idea of outsourcing the custodians...and I'm told that "for-fee" seventh hour may rear its head again...Ugh.