Sunday, May 11, 2014

AAPS Assessment Task Force Member List

Here is the list of members of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Assessment Task Force

This spring, they are looking at elementary school assessments. (Maybe middle school too, I'm not sure about that.)

If you have thoughts or comments about testing, you should contact some of them!

I am lousy at formatting. If you want to see this in a nicely formatted, printable list, use this link.

Ann Arbor Public Schools 
Assessment Advisory Task Force 
April – June 2014  

Name,  Affiliation,  School(s)
I have put in bold all of the people who are parents or community members.

Jose’ Benki                                 Parent Bach 
Lisa Burlingame                         School Psychologist Tappan
Rose Marie Callahan                  Curriculum Coordinator Central Leadership
Amy Deller-Antieau                   Science Dept. Chair/Teacher Pioneer
Bruce Doughten                         Parent Clague 
Joan Doughty                             Exec. Dir. of Community Action Network King, Allen, Bryant,                                                                    Clague, Tappan, Pioneer, Clemente 
Marcus Edmondson                  Asst. Principal/Parent Huron 
Sam Firke                                   Parent Wines, Forsythe, Skyline 
Greta Furlong                           Parent Pattengill, Tappan, Pioneer 
Chuck Hatt                                 Principal Burns Park
Kathe Hetter                              Teacher Skyline
Michael Hopkins                      Parent Abbot 
Kelly House                               Teacher Wines
Jane Landefeld                           Exec. Dir. Student Data Central Leadership
Raven McCrory                        Community Member Angell, Community, Slauson 
                                                        AA Open, Huron 
Elizabeth Nelson                      Parent Eberwhite, Slauson 
Angela Newing                          Math Dept. Chair/Teacher Forsythe
Hyeuo Park                                Principal Bach
Jazz Parks                                  Principal Tappan
Catherine Peterson                  Parent Eberwhite 
Seth Petty                                  Teacher King
Laura Roth                                 Teacher Tappan
Francisco Sanchez                    Parent Haisley, Slauson, Community 
Patricia Shure                            Community Member Tutors @ Skyline
Angela Smith                             Parent AA Open, WiHi 
Robyne Thompson                     Exec. Dir. of Secondary Ed Central Leadership
Susan Washabaugh                    Teacher Pioneer
Sean Waymaster                        Asst. Dir. of Special Ed. Central Leadership
Deborah Wolter                          Teacher Consultant AA Open

Lee Ann Dickinson-Kelley Asst. Sup. of Instruction Central Leadership
Dawn Linden Ex. Dir. of Elementary Ed Central Leadership
Merri Lynn Colligan Ex. Dir. of Technology Central Leadership

Jeanice K. Swift Superintendent Central Leadership

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  1. I'm a little startled by the high number of high school(l and middle school voices on a task force that is supposed to be looking at assessments at the elementary school level.

    1. Among the teachers and central admin you mean? It is not clear to me that there will be a big reconfiguration when they look at high school assessments in the fall, so maybe that is why. I myself had hoped for a few more parents.

  2. Yeah. I just wonder how all those HS teachers and administrators can really give good input on testing 5-year olds.