Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water, Ice, School Damage, Parent Power, and More Thoughts About Two-Hour Delays

Ready, Set, Freeze...

A cardinal in the snow. Taken from wikimedia

Where there's ice and freezing temperatures, there may be. . . burst pipes.

Indeed, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti schools did not escape unscathed.

There was major damage in the Rec & Ed occupied area at Pioneer High School, with not one but two pipes bursting--one with hot water!

At Skyline High School, there was water damage to the gym and athletic area.

And Ypsilanti schools will be closed (Day 4 of Snow Days!) because of major building issues--in particular, water pipe breaks at Holmes Elementary and the YCS Middle School.

Lincoln schools will also be closed.

On the Subject of Two-Hour Delays

Yesterday I posted about two-hour delays. There has been an interesting discussion on the Ann Arbor Schools Musings Facebook page from parents who grew up in school districts where two-hour delays were common. One person had been told by the Ann Arbor schools that two-hour delays were "too complicated" to implement here.

They are implemented in many places around the country (not, apparently, in Washtenaw County--yet) so it can't possibly be "too complicated" to implement here. Yet obviously the schools would need to have a plan in place to do that. Maybe that could be part of planning for next year.

Kind Words for Parents

On the one hand, a lot of parents have been going stir-crazy. Winter break and then another three days
of snow days?

On the other hand, a lot of parents have been concerned about kids being out in the cold, waiting for buses or walking to school (teens are not known for dressing for the weather), and have appreciated the districts' decisions to not risk life or limb by having snow days.

And probably some people think maybe we should have a fourth snow day tomorrow. (Thursday morning it is still supposed to be around -5 degrees Fahrenheit!)

Which is why I really appreciate these words from AAPS Superintendent Jeanice Swift in the district's latest email:

We know that tomorrow morning the temperatures and wind chills will continue to be very low and many of the roads and sidewalks may not be completely cleared, especially at some of the neighborhood bus stops.We remind parents and guardians that you are the final decision-maker in determining if it is safe for your student(s) to get to school, whether they are walking or arriving via bus or car transportation. 
We have advised our schools that student absences related to the weather will be considered an excused absence (if phoned in by the parent) and students will be able to make up assignments and class work. If your student will be absent, please follow the standard procedure and call the school to report their absence. (Emphasis added.)

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  1. Thanks for the details on school damage due to water. What a headache!

    I have a reasonably complete account of the storm here

    linking back to news accounts of issues across town including this one.