Thursday, October 24, 2013

WCC GED Celebration & Graduation

I walked into the Washtenaw Community College Morris Lawrence Building to see a sea of caps and gowns and the palpable feeling of joy. As I was there for another meeting, I was a bit confused. "What is this?" I asked the woman handing out booklets. She had flowers on her lapel.

It was the GED (General Education Diploma) celebration, a high school equivalent. There were young graduates and older graduates. One young man was holding a newborn. 

I didn't go to the ceremony, but I did take a picture of the booklet. If you know a GED graduate, congratulate him or her! 

And, on the back page, a memorial to a beloved teacher, 
Susan Campbell, along with a suggestion to make a donation
in her memory to the WCC Foundation Scholarship Fund.

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  1. I miss you Susan! :..(, you took one on one time out with me to help me understand english writing, without you, I dont believe that I would have passed my GEd. I Know your in a better place, a peaceful non stressful place that fits the beautiful calm relaxing woman that you are. We Miss you here, and theres not a day that goes by that I dont think of you and your soft words.