Monday, June 24, 2013

Haiku for Schools Monday

As part of the WordCount Blogathon, I've been asked to post a haiku today. Remember the format?
Three lines, and traditionally the first has 5 syllables, the second has 7, the third has 5 again. (Modern haiku sometimes stray from this format.)

I want to make it fun for you too!

First, I've got a haiku from me.

Then, enter your haiku into the form below! I will share them... (And by the way, if they are not about schools or education? That's fine too!)

I tire of posts on 
michigan funding. Prefer
pure michigan fun.

And here are the other haikus that I got: 

Privileged lawmakers
hoard resources so their kids
can always "win"

Snyder doesn't get it.
School districts going bankrupt
Come from funding cuts.

Teachers cost too much
Legislators say cut them
Prefer to fill jails
--Hunter Van Valkenburgh

Filling in bubbles
Sucks away joyful discovery
Just choose C

Data-driven laws
But without the data
That's Republicans

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