Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Introducing Ann Arbor's Special Education Committee

Ann Arbor has a hard-working group of parents, primarily parents of children who qualify for special education services, who have their own committee: AAPAC (Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee).

I agree, it's not entirely obvious from the title that it is a special-education focused committee.

You can get on their email list (lots of resources shared) by asking to join

They also have representatives from each school. I am listing the representatives below, with their email addresses partially redacted to keep the spammers away. If you are in a school that has a representative, and you have concerns about getting your child special education services, I would highly recommend that you contact your school's representative.

If you see a blank next to the name, they are still looking for a representative, and you can can send an email to Barbara (babmay11 at and volunteer yourself!

Barb writes:
Hi all,

I have attached the current AAPAC representative list that has
been recently updated. We are doing better, particularly at the
middle and high school levels, but still need quite a few reps
for many of our elementary schools
. So if you might serve as a
rep, or know someone who might, please let us know, thanks!

We can always still use alternates for all levels too, if you
just want to be a "backup" even if your school has a person
We really would like to have a point of contact for
people at each school, so please think about it - the officers
are always there to back you up, so you don't need to have any
special knowledge. Just email me if interested. Thanks so much!
Barb (emphasis added)
Preschool/ Early On

ECSE           Candace Cackowski cackowskicandace at
                     Heather Eckner*   heathereckner at
                     Johanna Mabry  jomabry at

Elementary Schools

Abbot   Jessica Koch jkcreationsinc at

Allen    Karen Meints  kameints at

Angell--Needs a representative

Ann Arbor Open    Kate Remen-Wait  kateremenwait at
                               Karen Gottschalk  kjgotts at

Bach  Nancy Kupina  Nck12613 at

Bryant--Needs a representative

Burns Park--Needs a representative

Carpenter--Needs a representative

Dicken--Needs a representative

Eberwhite   Erica Melnykowycz   melnykowycz at
                   Linda Rowse     Linda_rowse at

Haisley       Scott Zeleznik

King--Needs a representative
--Needs a representative

Lawton--Needs a representative
Logan    Karli Hildebrandt*     cjwhildebrandt at

--Needs a representative

Northside     Hope Carroll   worldhandcrafts at

--Needs a representative

--Needs a representative

Thurston     Kirsten Mogbo          icemogbo at
                   Genevieve Adams     designedbygenevieve at

Wines          Kelly Van Singel    kellycansingel at

Middle Schools

Ann Arbor Open   Kate Remen-Wait, Karen Gottschalk, see elementary school listing

Clague      Michelle Barnett       mckinnea at
                 Dawn Baker              Dawnb999 at

Forsythe     Kathy Zager-Doxey   Alliz7 at

--Needs a representative

Slauson       Barb Byers*          Babmay11 at
                   Jackie Mann          Jackie at

Tappan        Maria Huffman     encarnin at
                   Amy Shepherd      Amyshep4 at

High Schools

--Needs a representative

--Needs a representative

Huron           Kathy Grijalva         Kathy.grijalva at
                    Scott White               laurensdad at
                    Ann O’Connell*       AMOC at

Pioneer         Melany Raubolt*     mraubolt at  

                     Katy Held                ktheld at
                     Rick Altschuler       shuler at

Skyline         Barb Byers*             Babmay11 at
                     Mary Duerksen        Duerksena2 at

A2Tech(formerly Stone)   Nancy Kupina     Nck12613 at
                                          Akio Fujimaki     StoneAAPAC at

Other Reps

WISD PAC Reps for AA

Barb Byers, Scott White

Young Adult       Kathy Natelborg (Industrial Ave)         natelborgs at

At-Large Member     Ann Telfer

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