Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It Does Matter Where You Start and Finish Teaching

Ypsilanti administrators just took a 9.3% pay cut. Ypsilanti teachers took a 10% pay cut and a 12.3% reduction to their salary scale.

Chelsea teachers got a 2% raise. Although with higher health care contributions I'm not sure if that is a pay increase or a pay cut.

Meanwhile, top Ann Arbor administrators (non-union) are getting contracts that say that while their salaries "shall be subject to further adjustments throught the term of this Contract at the discrtion of the District," they "shall in no event be less than $XXX,XXX per annum."  In other words, can they be required to take furlough days or other pay cuts? No. Even though that might be the case for others in the district. Might I add, these contracts come with automatic extensions (excluding terminations for cause). [In this 12/19/2011 Ann Arbor Chronicle article scroll down to Special Briefing: New Administrators--Incentive Compensation to access .pdf files of a couple of these contracts.]

Yes, it depends on where you work.

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