Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From MIPFS: Don't Let It Happen Quietly

I got this email from Michigan Parents For Schools Today, about (surprise!) the Michigan schools budget:

Don't let it happen quietly - we need to fund all public schools adequately!
Where's your school funding?

State budget continues to dis-invest in education
Don't let it happen quietly! Our state lawmakers are about to pass a budget that keeps K-12 spending essentially flat, despite debilitating cuts over the last few years.

[Update, 5/30: The word from Lansing is that the school aid budget will give a $120 per pupil one-time increase, or "equity payment" to 378 districts and 70 charters that currently receive the minium allowance. That $80 million earmark will reach about 43% of Michigan's public school students. Other chunks of money will be available to districts that meet six of eight so-called "best practices" ($80 million), technology grants ($50 million), and performance grants ($30 million).

At the same time, the scheduled reduction in the income tax rate has been moved up from January to October.]

This election-year gambit to claim to be "helping" schools is not very convincing, since all districts have been cut by at least $470 per pupil over the last two years. But cutting taxes again was the top priority of the legislative leadership.

Let them know that we are watching: watching as they slowly strangulate our local public schools, watching as they quietly delete the promises made to K-12 as part of Proposal A, and watching as they show where their true priorities are.

Speak out today! Take Action!

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