Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ann Arbor School Board Election Information

My questionnaire responses have started coming in! I will be posting them over the next week. I have also sent questionnaires to the Ypsilanti school board members, and if I get responses I will post those as well (as their own post).

In any case, each candidates' responses will be their own post, but I will also post a link below to their questionnaires (as they are posted, which is in the order they were returned to me).  My thanks, again, to the candidates, for taking time to respond--I am finding their responses to be quite interesting.

If I know they have a twitter account I have also listed it below--just in case you want to follow them.

One more thing: there is contact information for the candidates from all the districts on Washtenaw County's elections website. Find addresses, phone numbers, and in some cases email addresses here.

These candidates have responded to the questionnaire:

Andy Thomas' Questionnaire
Andy Thomas' Website

Ahmar Iqbal's Questionnaire
Ahmar Iqbal's Website

Patrick Leonard's Questionnaire
Patrick Leonard's Website
Follow Patrick on twitter: @PatrickL2012

Larry Murphy's Questionnaire
Larry Murphy's Website

Simone Lightfoot's Questionnaire
Simone Lightfoot's Website

I am still waiting for this candidate's response to the questionnaire:

Albert Howard's Website
Albert Howard's Questionnaire
(Yes, I know it says he is running for President; I guess you can run for school board and President at the same time. It is the same person, I checked.)
Follow Albert on twitter: @AlbertHowardUSA


  1. Ms. Lightfoot, I am looking forward to reading your responses, I do hope you reply....

  2. I just posted Simone Lightfoot's responses. You can find them here: