Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day! SOS! Yeah!!!!

May 3d: And. . . The Millage Passes. Thanks Everyone!

May Day=today's date. Happy May Day! Those words are also an international sign for needing help. I'm told it comes from the French, venez m'aider, or come help me.

SOS=Save Our Schools. SOS is also an international sign for needing help, chosen (I am told) because it is very simple to spell those letters in Morse code: . . . - - - . . .

Washtenaw County schools need YOUR help this week.
Which is why I say: May Day! SOS!
On Tuesday, May 3d, please go out and 


Why? The Special Education Millage Renewal Needs Your Support!
And if you live in Dexter or Chelsea (and some districts that just touch on the county: Grass Lake, Napoleon, Stockbridge, Clinton,'ve got some school board elections too.)
See the complete list of candidates here
Read about the special education millage at or at your nearest public school web site.
Thank you! 

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  1. Whew!

    It does my heart good to see by how much it passed.