Saturday, October 9, 2010

It Gets Better: Dan and Terry

Have you seen the "It Gets Better" Campaign? It's an anti-bullying, anti-suicide campaign, with LGBT Adults, describing why and how life got better the day they left high school. You can find more at

It does make me wonder: does high school have to suck if you are different? What difference can a kind administration make?

This one is from Dan and Terry (and I think they started the project). Dan is better known as Dan Savage of Savage Love. Who, by the way, is talking for FREE at EMU Oct. 13, 7 p.m., Grand Ballroom, Student Center.


  1. And NOTE: Tomorrow (October 12th) the Saline School Board will be voting on whether or not to add non-discrimination language protecting sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here:

  2. According to the editor of Child-Psych, reason #1 for bullying is physical disability, reason #2 for bullying is sexual orientation.

    READ this child-psych post: