Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disappointment and Creativity

David Jesse at reports today that the Ann Arbor school board approved changes in the teacher contract, and voted unanimously to consolidate busing.

Regarding the teacher contract, kudos to the negotiators. It really is a creative collaboration.

However--the teacher contract makes the vote to consolidate bussing--which means that workers lose their jobs with no guarantee of re-hire, or even of seniority preference in hiring--all the more disappointing.

It's not disappointing because of the school board vote. That is the end of the process, the tail wagging the dog. It is disappointing because it is clear--based on the teacher contract--that the district has the capacity to develop creative agreements that serve workers well. Yet in the case of the transportation workers, they chose not to do so. I don't know why.

It is even more disappointing that notification to the workers--according to the comments on from's reporting, and not from the district. That is, truly, a crying shame.

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