Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michigan League for Human Services: Tax Policy

My son read my blog the other night. He said it was good, but a lot of it was about topics that he didn't find very interesting. I will bet that a lot of us have our eyes glaze over when it comes to tax policy, and I include myself in that category! (Even though it drives so much of the state decision-making!)

That is why I am thankful for the work for the Michigan League for Human Services and for Michigan's Children.
The Michigan League for Human Services just put out a startling report on how much money we are giving away (without getting much back in return). Read it and weep. Or--share it with your state legislators.

Here is the report: Silent and Stealthy: Michigan Gives Away $35 Billion a Year.
Hat Tip: Michigan Messenger.

(Speaking of the Michigan Messenger, you might also find this article about student anti-gay "Straight Pride" days interesting.)


  1. Regarding Straight Pride Day.
    When there is push, there is push back. Gay people are pushing for equality and there will be a certain amount of push back. But, in schools, kids are coming out are pretty young ages. My daughter's friend has been saying she is a lesbian since 8th grade. Kids seem to be pretty open about it around here. Hopefully, they feel safe at school.

  2. I want everyone to always feel safe at school. That's bottom line. The question the Straight Pride Day raises for me is whether it becomes a form of intimidation for LGBT youth.

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