Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special Education Resources

The New York Times has had a series of articles related to how parents can access necessary special education resources for children who need them.

What to Do if You Suspect Learning Disability
Excerpt: If your child is having difficulty in school, don’t delay in arranging a meeting with your child’s teacher and the school principal. At this meeting, explain your concerns about your child’s uneven academic performance. ...If the school seems to be dragging its feet, make a written request to the school’s director of special education saying that you would like a comprehensive assessment. And provide reasonable evidence to support your request.

Resources for Parents of Students with Learning Disabilities
Excerpt: A directory of the [state parent information] centers is on the Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers’ Web site. The staff at these federally financed programs can help parents navigate the entire special ed process. More specifics of the law are at

Nudging Schools to Help Students with Learning Disabilities
Excerpt: More than 6 percent of school-age children — almost three million students — are receiving special education services because of learning disabilities, according to the Learning Disabilities Association of America. The cost of such special services can easily total thousands of dollars a year per child. But the Learning Disabilities Association suggests that when learning disabilities are left untreated, the overall cost to society may be far higher.

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