Monday, December 7, 2009

Kids and Teachers

As the parent of three kids, I have found that what works for one child does not necessarily work for another child. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes that's not so good.

Good teachers know that is true. The student who reads easily may have trouble writing. The child who listens well may not be comfortable presenting a project in front of the class. The third grader who memorized all the times tables may have trouble with spatial math concepts.

All of which is to say--today is your day to celebrate, and thank, the teacher who manages to teach your child as the individual human being that she or he is. Nominations are accepted in the comments below, or by sending me an email at: rlk234 (at) Look here for the "rules," such as they are.

Don't I have other things to blog about? "And how!" as my grandmother would say. Willow Run changes, web site analysis, tax policy, minority/majority culture, why the federal Race to the Top is a bad thing...BUT--thank yous are important. Nominate your school staff today, and regular programming will return later.

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