Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Note to Counselors

A friend of mine with a child who is entering high school recently spoke with the counselor at her child's (new) school. [Which high school? I've heard similar tales from the other Ann Arbor schools, so I think it doesn't really matter which high school it is.]

She was very disappointed.
Remember that in high school, counselors are frequently
a) the gatekeepers and
b) the most frequent person with whom a parent has contact.
She was slightly unhappy with the information she got about her son's schedule, but what really upset her was the patronizing tone that the counselor used.

"Well, Mom, let me explain."

Mom? Excuse me, but that is what our kids call us.
Only our kids.
Note to counselors: We have names. First names, last names--take your pick.
(I personally prefer first names, but that's my preference.)
My suggestion: Ask the person you are speaking to, "What name would you like me to use when addressing you?"

Think it doesn't really matter? Yes, it does. This was my friend's first impression of the way the school works, and quite frankly, she was disappointed.

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