Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ethics Question

I provide the questions, you provide the answers.

Let's say that you are an administrator at a school. You get involved with a parent of a child who is enrolled at your school. [No, you're not married or living together, but it is a serious relationship.]
As far as intervening in the student's school life, what is appropriate?

a. You treat them exactly like every other student, only accessing their records if there is a particular issue that requires your intervention.

b. You stay away from all issues related to the student, unless absolutely necessary, and when it is necessary you disclose your relationship to the parent.

c. You keep on top of the student's grades and behavior, beyond what you would do with any other student, and intervene if anything catches your eye.

d. None of the above. The right thing to do is...


  1. Whatever the mom says. I think the parent has control over access.

  2. That's kind of interesting, because it seems there are kid's issues involved, and maybe the parent's relationship is manipulative,for secondary gain, with the eye of gaining resources for the kid. Not that many kids need intervention from administrators for grades and behavior, sure some do, but clearly this is part of the equation in this scenario.
    Certainly, the administrator can urge the kid on, but honestly, unless the kid lands in the office, what the?
    Me thinks someone is getting used.