Friday, April 10, 2009

Look Out The Window: School Nature Areas

I was at Gallup Park recently, and I started thinking about schools and natural areas. Now, Huron has both Gallup and Furstenburg parks right next door. Forsythe and Wines have Birdhills Park. Allen Elementary is next to County Farm Park.

All of which is fabulous. (Even if those parks are underutilized by the nearby schools, they could and should be used for more.) But did you know that the schools actually have some natural areas attached to the schools? Some of them are jointly owned with the city or county. And guess what? Since I couldn't find a list on a web site (say, perhaps, the school district's?), I probably missed a couple. So please, add to this list!

Are you looking for something to do over spring break? Try visiting these areas! Flowers will be budding and blooming, birds will be building nests.

Scarlett-Mitchell Woods
Read this nice description of the Scarlett-Mitchell woods.

Thurston Pond and Thurston Nature Center, described here.

Eberwhite Woods, described here.

There are more locations: Pioneer High School has Pioneer Woods, Skyline High School has 45 acres that were kept natural, but I could not find good information links for them. (Send them to me, I will post them.)

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