Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ann Arbor Open and Community High School

'Tis the season. Open Houses and Orientations. Here are the links to the information for Ann Arbor Open and Community High School. Both schools run lotteries to get in. Both schools have class sizes that are targeted to match the average district class size. Both schools require orientations to go there. No, there is no "automatic in" if you went to AAO, to get into CHS. (Nor do I think there should be.

And if you are looking for high schools? Well, Skyline also has a lottery for kids outside the Skyline district. And maybe you want to consider being a non-traditional high school student at (gasp) a Charter school. I don't automatically recommend them, but it seems like Washtenaw Technical Middle College, located at Washtenaw Community College, is worth looking at. (For more detail, click on the Admissions Process link.)

In any case--it is good to shop around. Remember, as Sy Syms used to say, "An educated consumer is our best customer." (You don't remember that ad? I guess I'm dated.)

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  1. I would agree--shop around. I was unhappy with CHS when my daughter went there. It is not for everyone.